What exactly is Soul Coaching?

It’s a term many of my clients started using to describe their experience during our sessions and it fit my intention exactly. So I adopted it. My goal with all my clients is to help them discover, befriend, and listen to their own soul, so that ultimately they will know their purpose here on earth, they will find contentment, and they will be able to release that which no longer serves them. We can only really get to this once we know our own truth in a deep way. This is what I love helping others find their truth. I also think it is the pathway to the Divine.

How do I do this?

Yes, we do much cerebral soul searching and mental mastery work, but rather than clients just using their minds to find answers or looking to anything outside of themselves, I periodically take clients through a variety of meditations and soul connecting practices so they can find their own truths within. So often people are blown away by what comes forth during and after connecting with their own soul. It’s deep and rewarding work.

Most clients really want to know their purpose here on earth, and soul coaching helps them find it. It also helps them connect to their creator in a way they perhaps never have.

Here are my coaching packages:

1 hour coaching: $200 USD
4 hours coaching: $750 USD
8 hours coaching: $1,400 USD
12 hours coaching: $1,900 USD
26 hours coaching: $3,750 USD


“Thank you for the immense help you’ve given me. I am so inspired by your words and your powerful, free, and kind presence. Thank you also for the inspiring and supportive texts you sent through that difficult lapse I just went through. By not judging me, I felt a lot less shame and the texts really helped me glean important lessons from what I thought was a full on face plant. You truly pulled me out of the ashes! Finally, most of all, thank you so much for taking on the Herculean task of gaining freedom from your own
addictions. Without that brave and generous act, the hope I now have for a vitally different future would have never been possible. I am realizing more and more the tremendous effort it is going to take–but if you did it, I can do it. And if I can do it, ANYTHING is possible! With sincere gratitude and love.”

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