The Bumbles children’s book series is a vehicle through which we entertain and educate kids, inform adults, promote action and empower people in developing countries. Each book was inspired by either our personal service in the field or by the amazing transformational work of another organization. Usually both. The last section of each book highlights the specific causes we support and part proceeds go back to that organization. You can bee the difference by either getting involved personally, by purchasing copies of Bumbles or by donating directly. Hopefully all three!

Buzzing around the planet

The first of the series is about Bumbles, a curious young honeybee from a small village in Africa. When a big rainstorm sends her on an across the world, how will she find her way home? It will take tenacity, courage, and an adventure bigger than anything Bumbles has ever known. Are you ready to learn first-hand how amazing the world is beyond her beehive?

You can bee the difference

The second of the series follows Bumbles as she excitedly explores the plains of Tanzania. While doing so, she discovered a baby elephant all alone and completely stuck in a watering hole. What did Bumbles do? How did she save the doomed elephant? It took creativity, courage and teamwork. Are you ready to learn first-hand how she pulled it off? We beeeeeeeeelieve you are!

Based on my experiences and insights, I share a simple solution for creating harmonious relationships and avoiding contentious ones. The core formula of No GTC—No Gossip, No Triangulation, No Criticism—plus the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions, dovetails beautifully with the spiritual advice and philosophical wisdom espoused for millennia. These concepts are so powerful that my chapter won the Editor’s Choice Award in Jack Canfield’s latest bestselling book, The Soul of Success. My Safe Souls workshops have also been touted as the most impactful sessions in which some corporate teams have ever participated.