Giving Back to Humanity

Because I want to leave the world a better place than I found it!

While a huge part of my being just loves to adventure and play, I also have a deep desire to enhance the world and to bless people in a meaningful way. I fall so short in this, nevertheless, if I keep chipping away at my little part, maybe, just maybe, my small efforts will have a great impact.

In this section of, I will share some of my philanthropic endeavors, and, by the way, philanthropy isn’t just for the rich, it’s for each of us! Wikipedia describes philanthropy as “the love of humanity,” in the sense of “what it is to be human,” the essence of our humanity, and “private initiatives for public good, focusing on quality of life.” Put simply, philanthropy is the pursuit of excellence in every facet of human life, for every human life, by imagining and implementing new systems, to bring that philosophy to fruition.

As a result of sharing some of my activities, I hope you are inspired into action. I find that most people do want to contribute in a meaningful way, but often just don’t know where to start.

I hope you’ll share your ideas and desires freely. You never know who’s reading that might be able to help.