Addiction Recovery Coaching

If an accountability partner via one-on-one coaching would speed up your process of finally kissing food, alcohol, and other addictions lovingly goodbye, I can help!

How am I qualified?

I am certified in this work and train new coaches, therapists, and other professionals as well. I have also been able to release several addictions in my own life. For decades, I secretly battled a brutal eating disorder, binge drinking, and a daily weed habit. In fact, most of my 20s, 30s, and into my mid-40s were wrought with one food, substance, or relationship disaster after another.

I’ve been addiction free since May 9, 2013, so freedom is a pretty recent phenomenon, but one that is beginning to feel like an old comfortable slipper.

The shame is gone, so I was finally about to go public and help others heal from their addictions and to find their true selves in the process.
In order to effectively assist, over and above my own experiences and research, I earned a certification in Transformational Addiction Recovery Coaching through Being True To You Transformational Coaching in 2016 and have never looked back. And for the last few years, I have helped train close to a thousand new psychedelic prep, integration, and recovery coaches as an instructor and workshop leader for Being True To You.

Helping others heal their relationship with substances, themselves, their bodies, and their souls ismy passion and my purpose. And I’m here for you.
Here are my coaching packages:

1 hour coaching: $200 USD
4 hours coaching: $750 USD
8 hours coaching: $1,400 USD
12 hours coaching: $1,900 USD
26 hours coaching: $3,750 USD

If you’d like to head right to my PayPal I will reply within 24 hours with a receipt and some timing options for you. Or after your Venmo payment, you can go directly to my Calendly link to sign up for your first 60-minute coaching call.

My Book Can Help

Rather than Rehab takes you through the science behind your addiction (no, you’re not just a weak willed person with no resolve!), offers a series of strategies that will help you release the behaviors, and offers many ideas to help you create a life you love living. (Hint: when we are healthy and love our life, we no longer need the addictive behaviors.)

If an accountability partner via private, one-on-one coaching
would speed up your process to finally kissing food and other addictions lovingly goodbye, I might be your gal to help!

Helping others heal their relationship with food, with themselves, and with their bodies is my passion and purpose.