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Can You Relate?

Those struggling with addiction, anxiety, depression, and PTSD are not bad humans.

We are not people lacking resolve, willpower, and character. We are simply souls trying to survive the many and varied traumas that life handed us. Our addictions helped us deal with tough circumstances and emotions … until they didn’t.

Then we sought a better way.

My guess is you are a wildly intelligent, successful, and courageous person. You have lofty dreams and amazing aspirations. You don’t flat-line life. You are an explorer, a risk taker, and you want more from life than your current experience. And you want the truth. 

Regardless of how it feels, you’re in the perfect place of discovery as you dive into REALLY living … living without the band-aid of bulimia, the anesthetic of alcohol, or any other creative coping mechanisms. And your emotions mean something. They are here to show you a new way, a new balance, a new truth.

I have coached thousands of clients ranging from soul-searching teenagers to truth seeking billionaires, from Elite Navy Seals and Rangers to civilian global leaders, from moms and grandmas to princesses, for real. All were seeking truth, healing, and peace.

I have also trained close to a thousand coaches in this work, so I hope you will feel safely and skillfully held through the discovery and recovery journey. During this process, you will find your authentic self, you will find peace, you will experience freedom, and you will connect with truth.

Hello! I am Lori Losch.

I’m a soul who has finally broken free from the addiction cycle. I have used the pain of powerlessness, acute anxiety, and deep depression to point me towards truth. A combination of psychedelic plant medicines, the 12-steps and other recovery programs, community, faith, and perseverance have paid off in spades. Having eleven years of freedom from addiction under my belt feels like heaven on earth after living in hell for twenty-five.

Please schedule a session to see if we may be a good fit and thanks for dropping in here. I’m not on social media, so you won’t find me on-line much. I practice what I preach and the real-world is where I have found presence and healing and is where I direct clients to engage as well.

Life apart from addiction is now about maturing in faith, coaching my clients to freedom, hiking trails wherever my travels take me, walking with God, vanning around North America, and helping humans heal to the best of my ability.  I also enjoy fabric arts, reading, CrossFit, skiing, motor-biking, horses, snuggling with my little rescue mutt Tessa, a good bourbon, and growing in my relationship with Jeshua. He is my life.


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