Validation for the Way You Do (or Don’t) Do Things!


I’m so glad Ken introduced me to the Kolbe Index. It’s an amazing tool.

For example, if you often wonder why your friend always starts a task and actually finishes it without starting something else, yet you have 100 things on the go at any given time and finish only half of them, you’ll wonder no longer.

If you can’t understand why your spouse plans out a trip right down to the last cab ride, yet you prefer to jump on a plane and figure it out en route, you’ll ponder no longer.

If you don’t admire your husband because he’d rather call a plumber than fix the pipe himself (I mean, according to your family structure, real men fix pipes!), you’ll belittle him no longer!

There is a great 20 min test called the Kolbe Index that will help you to understand yourself,  your mate, your child, your employees or your boss’s differences and when you understand someone, you can support them and celebrate their uniqueness.

My husband, who at one time had about 200 employees, used the Kolbe Index as a hiring tool. They hardly looked at resumes, but rather had candidates do their Kolbe.  It was so successful an indicator that their lack of staff turnover and employee moral was off the charts. If a person is in a job that suits their Kolbe, the will be happy and productive. If they are in a job that isn’t in line with their Kolbe, they will be on Prosac within 2 weeks!

On a relational level, it has been invaluable. This is possibly the best investment I have made in my marriage. My husband, as the Quintessential Entrepreneur at a 6383, does things very differently than my Innovating 3294. If I didn’t know he needed a lot more detail than I do before he jumps into things, I might think that he was just a chicken. But so contrary! He just collects the detail BEFORE jumping in, where as someone with my Kolbe collects the detail AFTER I’ve already jumped in. Not knowing all the detail beforehand is half the fun! If he did not understand that this ability is an asset, he might judge it. But he doesn’t. And if I didn’t get that his way is a huge asset, it might frustrate and bore me.

Thank goodness for the Kolbe Index. Knowing who we are and our Connative Modus Operandi, we can just giggle at our differences and love each other anyways.

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