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A Great Mobile App & Website to Keep You on Track

If you’re like me, you have a lot on the go and sometimes don’t get as much done as you know you could. With so many ideas, dreams and goals floating around in my head, notes jotted down in various jounrnals, iCal items entered, etc, I found myself all discombobulated. Personal deadlines were getting missed, daunting tasked just stayed daunting as I wasn’t breaking them down into bite sized and doable chunks.

Then I started using LifeTick. It’s awesome! This little mobile app (or web based product) is just what I needed to bring all my thoughts, dreams and tasks together into one place. It even helped me see where I was heavy in one section (ie, Adventure) and light on another (ie, Financial Planning – arg). Most of all, it helped me break each goal into smaller tasks and then reminded me daily what I needed to do to complete it. Perfect!