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African Adventure with a Purpose

On October 2nd, Frances Tieulie, Suzanne Watts and I left for Eastern Africa. Our first stop was Nairobi, Kenya where we completed a 5 day trek to the top of Mount Kenya. This is Africa’s 2nd highest peek after Mount Kilimanjaro, which I experienced in 2008! Mt Kenya was a fantastic trek, despite the torrential afternoon/evening rains, broken tents and insufficient sleeping gear. Brrr. If we were not hiking, we were scrambling to keep dry, moving camp, trying to keep warm and attempting to sleep. But at sub zero temperatures and damp gear, this was tough! It definitely brought us to our limits. But we did it. The summit was glorious. At almost 17,000 feet (4,985 meters) the air was thin and the emotions were high. Unfortunately, I have no pictures after day 1.5 as our brilliant idea of taking along a solar powered iPhone charger was only brilliant if there was sun! (Which there was in the mornings/early afternoon, but never in the late afternoon/evening when we were actually at camp.


Kafakumba Training Centre


Childhood Longings

I’ve always had an inner longing for Africa. I’m not sure where it started, but it must have been sometime when I was a kid. I was told that when I was 3 or 4 years old, when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said with excitement and wonder, ‘I want to be a Negro!’ (This was long before any sense of political correctness had entered my awareness.) I’m not sure what the parental reaction was, but I do have a picture of me playing with a little African Barbie doll, so I guess they embraced my desire in a symbolic way.