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African Adventure With a Purpose

October 2-16th – Kenya & Zambia

Frances Tieulie, Suzanne Watts and I will be departing for Eastern Africa. We all sponsor orphaned elephants and rhinos through the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and will be visiting our babies in Kenya. We will also be doing a 5 day trek to the top of Mount Kenya. This is Africa’s 2nd highest peek after Mount Kilimanjaro, which I experienced in 2008!


Supporting Cruelty by Eating Factory Farmed Products?

PETA's original McCruelty campaign logo

The more I study about the cruelty that goes on to feed North Americans, the more I’m determined to stay away from any animal product that comes from a factory farm. This pretty much means any animal product that is not 100% organic and grass fed, in the case of beef.

There are numerous documentaries out there (google for them) that show what goes on in the meat, dairy, chicken and pork industries that will make your heart sink and your hair curl. I can’t even watch them most of the time. But on a few occasions I have forced myself to watch. I refuse to be among those who turn a blind eye any longer, and the visuals are powerful influencers of behavior. It’s now easy to not buy those products, no matter how yummy they might taste.