Supporting Cruelty by Eating Factory Farmed Products?

PETA's original McCruelty campaign logo

The more I study about the cruelty that goes on to feed North Americans, the more I’m determined to stay away from any animal product that comes from a factory farm. This pretty much means any animal product that is not 100% organic and grass fed, in the case of beef.

There are numerous documentaries out there (google for them) that show what goes on in the meat, dairy, chicken and pork industries that will make your heart sink and your hair curl. I can’t even watch them most of the time. But on a few occasions I have forced myself to watch. I refuse to be among those who turn a blind eye any longer, and the visuals are powerful influencers of behavior. It’s now easy to not buy those products, no matter how yummy they might taste.

One thing that also keeps coming to mind was the negative energy that MUST be in those poor animal’s bodies. From the time of their birth to the time of their heinous deaths, their lives are filled the cruelty and fear. Dis-ease has got to permeate their beings. So why would I want to put something like that in my body? If I’m committed to love and health and well being, why support such industries?

So, I’ve committed to eating only animal products from small local farms where I know they have not been raise in the horrible conditions of factory farms. I toy seriously with going vegan again, but when I have done so in the past struggled with anemia regularly.

Here’s a campaign aimed at MacDonald’s that I thought I’d pass along. MacDonald’s and other fast food chains are among the worst contributors to this kind of cruelty. But really, it’s the consumer that is to blame. We vote with our wallets. Won’t you consider voting NO TO CRUELY with yours?

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