Spring Skiing, Whistler/Blackcomb, BC

I can truly say that the last week of skiing in Whistler was some of the best ever. Record snow falls, tons of sun, cool temps so the snow was fantastic, good friends and some new ski buddies … perfection.

I set out for Whistler on my own last weekend feeling a bit lonely and not sure what the 10 days would hold. None of my girlfriends seem to ski anymore and my husband lives in Phoenix, but a friend lent me his ski-in ski-out place at Whistler, so I just couldn’t pass up going. Skiing alone is better than not skiing at all!

Gorgeous drop in. Not to much of a jump these days!












But that first Saturday, I wound up meeting up with a few new gfs and then on Sunday, rocked the slopes with a few riding buddies, one’s wife and my nephew, Steven. We had a blast of a day. We used a new iPhone app called Ski Tracks which clocks your speed, vertical drop, distance traveled, runs skied, etc, so we had fun racing around to see what kind of speed records we could break! Lol.

Steven 'the Shredder' Lanksbury











Then on Thursday, while having lunch, I shared a table with a few ski instructors. We got chatting and before we knew it we were ripping around the mountain exploring the bowls, the steeps and some gorgeous mogul fields. They were unreal. I told them I want to be just like them when I grow up! (They had about 20 years on me, but skied like they were 19.) Awesome. Wound up at apres together listening to a fantastic band. Thanks Marcel & Joan!

Two amazing ski instructors!











Friday was another surprise. Meeting up with Ryan, Tim, Jeff, Jason, Jill and Mike was an unexpected treat. These guys are amazing. A possy of testosterone, fantastic skiers and great senses of humour made for a perfect day.

I want to be just like Jo when I grow up!









Then I got a great call that my husband was coming to Vancouver for a visit! Yay! So off to Vancouver I went leaving the glorious Whistler behind. What great memories I have of a perfect unplanned and unexpected week of fun.

One take home lesson for me was to just get out there and do it. I must admit that I thought going alone to Whistler for 10 days was kind of weird and felt lonely at first, but then I really got that life is meant to be lived and if I waited around for the perfect scenario (friends coming with me!) before I lived it, I would have missed out on getting to hang out and play with the other souls who were up there doing just that.

Yay to play. Get out there, even if it means going alone. Playmates will be provided!


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