Safe Souls – the Seminars

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Whether you’re looking to transform a few relationships in a small business, many in a large corporation, or even teaching shool kids the value and formula for kindness, the Safe Souls Workshop is effective.

“Lori, your Safe Souls philosophy and corporate workshop was timely, powerful and fills a huge void in terms of interpersonal business communication to help build, bond and catapult teams to the next level. Hands down one of the most powerful and bonding things we’ve done as an organization.” ~ Maria Hernandez-Carter, Simpler Options

“Thank you so much for Safe Souls, Lori. The message is great wisdom and I feel it has raised my personal and business awareness to be a better leader.” ~ Joe Polish, Creator of the Genius Network Interview Series, founder of the Genius Network and co-founder of and, two highly popular free podcasts on iTunes.

“There is an amazing quote from Dan Sullivan that says, ‘You get paid a lot more when you offer a transformation than when you offer a transaction.’ Lori Losch’s Safe Souls is transformational. It’s one of the top three business distinctions I’ve learned in my life. No gossip. No triangulation. No criticism or personal judgement. It’s powerful. It’s impactful. It provides the foundation for deep, empowering relationships and exponential business growth.” ~ Kenneth Losch, Founder and CEO, Advanced Green Innovations and Trillium Residential

“Lori’s mission and movement with Safe Souls deeply resonated with me. I believe safety is the important missing ingredient for true healing and transformation. Lori, I give you kudos for this program and I look forward to corporations and individuals to be able to learn this practice, and more imporantly, start putting this practice into reality. Thank you so much!” ~ Renee Airya, Award Winning Speaker, Coach and Author of Flip Your Flaws

“Lori’s Safe Souls has done something extraordinary, by simply and systematically tapping into the power of appreciation and kindness. These two powerhouse energatics can be accessed from anytime, anywhere…and the kicker is they are WAY more powerful than triangulation, gossip, and undercutting other people. It’s this little secret that most people don’t know, because we are not taught this way. Lori shows you exactly how to tap yourself in to that infinite power source and, once you are in, you will be hooked and nothing else will satisfy you.” ~ Stacie R. Cole, Digital Marketing Director and Strategist

“I had the chace to be part of Lori Losch’s Safe Souls seminar last year and I really enjoyed her enthusiasm on the subject. She makes excellent points about triangulation within an organization. I believe I have been guilty of this myself. I also really enjoyed the public praise exercise, which was eye opening for me. I really did not have a good handle on how I was being perceived by my business associates. Even though I have my own company, I love the people I work with outside of it and this seminar helped me to become even closer to them.” ~ Carolyn Boroden, Technical Analyst of Stocks and ETFs, Founder of Synchronicity Market Timing, and recurring guest on CNBC’s Mad Money.