Safe Souls – the Book


Do you long for healthier relationships, more effective communication skills and an abundance of kindness among your circle of friends, family members and co-workers? Does the joy and freedom that comes from knowing your tribe has your back covered interest you? Could your business run more effectively with better interpersonal relationships? If you adopt the Safe Souls formula and teach others to do the same, these desires will become reality.

Based on my experiences and insights, I share a simple solution for creating harmonious relationships and avoiding contentious ones. The core formula of No GTC—No Gossip, No Triangulation, No Criticism—plus the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions, dovetails beautifully with the spiritual advice and philosophical wisdom espoused for millennia. These concepts are so powerful that my chapter won the Editor’s Choice Award in Jack Canfield’s latest bestselling book, The Soul of Success. My Safe Souls workshops have also been touted as the most impactful sessions in which some corporate teams have ever participated.

Safe Souls is a blend of John C. Maxwell’s Everyone Communicates, Few Connect plus Henry Cloud’s Necessary Endings with a little dash of Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People in a short, straightforward, simple to implement book.

Most people desire healthy relationships, want empowering communication skills and seek to emulate kindness, but often derail. Safe Souls provides the switch that gets both thoughts and conversations back on track—from being potentially toxic to being healing, kind and wildly connecting. You, your friends, your family and your workplace will be transformed by implementing the tenets of Safe Souls.

**All proceeds from the sale of Safe Souls goes to “Entrepreneurs International Fund” (EIF)