Rather than Rehab – The EBook

RtR EBook Image

As many of you know, and many more who don’t, I secretly battled a brutal eating disorder for most of my 20s, 30s, and even into my mid 40s. I’ve only been free since May 9, 2013.


It’s pretty recent.

The shame is mostly gone, so I can finally begin helping others (I firmly believe that our biggest MESS is our biggest MESSage.) So, embarking on a journey of coaching others to overcome their eating disorders and other addictions makes me do a happy dance!

Are you ready to break up with your bulimia, for real? Has your long love affair with the binge/purge cycle finally run its course, but breaking up with it has been impossible? Even scary? Through Rather than Rehab, I’ll walk you through a series of strategies to help you quit.

My dream is to help as many people as possible escape their private prisons and embrace freedom with food and their bodies. I hope you’ll be one of them.

Information and reader reviews are at www.ratherthanrehab.com