Grand Canyon Hike

We were facing a weekend of no concrete plans or commitments (yay!), so Ken and I decided to head up to the Grand Canyon for a hike. I’d never seen this wonder before and Ken had always wanted to the hike from the rim to the river and back in a day, so we were both excited for a first!

After a Saturday morning of P90X, breakfast, errands and loading up the RV, we were off on the 4 hour drive from Phoenix to paradise.

We love road trips. They give us uninterrupted time together and we always create and dream and come up with inspiration for our futures. This trip was no different. We came up with new mission statements, BE-ing statements and also pictured ourselves 10 years out and asked the question, what will we have to have accomplished to feel fully satisfied and happy. That’s a big question! Try it. Then live in that place. Say and feel the reality. For example, “I have written a book that has impacted and inspired hundreds of thousands of people.” Or “I have created a Charitable Organization that has changed the lives of millions.” Or “I have a flourishing and impactful website.” Or “I have a ski condo in Whistler and we use it often with friends and family.” Or “I have an amazing, dynamic, loving relationship.” Whatever your dreams or goals are, say them, live them, feel them.

I digress. Back to the canyon.

After a great sleep in the RV just outside the Grand Canyon Village, we grabbed breakfast, took a shuttle to the Kaibab Trail head and started down. Down down we went. 5500 feet in total and about 7.5 miles. Since we had Parker with us in the RV, we knew we had to be up and down within about 8 hours, so we jogged the flatter bits of the decent. There weren’t that many!
















It was amazing. The vistas breathtaking. Seeing the different stratum as we descended was fascinating. It was a about 2.5 hours down to Phantom Ranch at the Colorado River where we had a picnic lunch and put our toes in the icy cold river. Heaven!


















The rest was quick and refreshing. But it was time to head up the 9.5 mile Bright Angel Trail. We chose this route because the Kaibab has no potable water available so we packed our own down (about 2 litres) but to haul the 4 litres we needed to get back would be really heavy. The Bright Angel Trail offers about 3 different opportunities to fill our camel packs, so a much better program.









Since I had a full hip refurbishment (repaired a torn labrum and reshaped a deformed hip) the year before, this was the first really strenuous hike I’d done in about 2 years (it took specialists about 6 months to figure out what was wrong, then about 6 months to find the right surgeon to do the repair.) I was pleasantly surprised. Although the final 4.5 miles were pretty painful, I made it!









Next time you’re faced with an open few days, imagine what would fill your soul and then go do that thing. It takes some prep and organization, but it’s always worth it!

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