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The Sanctuary – My Sanctuary

During my gradual move to Phoenix over the last 3 years, I had no idea how much I was missing my community of likeminded people and the lovely natural environment I enjoy in my native British Columbia. That is, until I joined The Sanctuary. Then it hit me … THIS is what had been missing!

I’ve been so fortunate to grow up in an area of Vancouver that is super community minded, athletic, outdoorsy and small enough that when you walk down the street to do your banking, shopping, etc, there are a multitude of familiar faces and good friends to chat and connect with. I love this about Ambleside. Not having a built in family like most of my friends in their 40’s, I was on my own for decades, so this extended community was vital and I loved it. At any moment, I could pop out my back door, walk 50 yards to the seawall or 100 yards to my favorite cafe and be amongst my tribe. There was always a conversation to be had, a person to encourage and friendly, familiar waves directed my way.

Grand Canyon Hike

We were facing a weekend of no concrete plans or commitments (yay!), so Ken and I decided to head up to the Grand Canyon for a hike. I’d never seen this wonder before and Ken had always wanted to the hike from the rim to the river and back in a day, so we were both excited for a first!

After a Saturday morning of P90X, breakfast, errands and loading up the RV, we were off on the 4 hour drive from Phoenix to paradise.

Freedom Health, West Vancouver

If you’re in WV and looking for a fantastic workout, check out Dave Pol’s gym, Freedom Health. Dave, Lyle, Lynsey, Andrenea, Briar the crew will whip you into shape in no time! Freedom Health is a lovely little personal training gym with the perfect mix of kick ass instruction, totally goofy comedy and a family feel. The work outs are a blast!

My training parter, Jocelyn and I, go every Tues and Thurs together … which makes getting to the gym much easier … knowing that a gf and a trainer are waiting for me is the best incentive!

Be ProACTive

Be ProACTive – It’s Your Health
Little Choices That Make a Big Difference

This is a list of the most important 19 things you can do (in my humble estimation … many thanks to the wonders of researching through google!) that we can do to mitigate our risk of getting cancer … or most other diseases for that matter!

ACT 1: Balance Your Diet – Eat Less Refined Foods & More Whole Foods

  • Reduce your intake of sugar, flour and products containing omega-6’s.
  • Increase your consumption of omega 3s and other healthy fat to about 30% of your daily intake.
  • Increase your intake of anticancer products such as turmeric, green tea, soy, broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, radishes, collard and mustard greens and some fruits.