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We Can BE the Cure

This short video pretty much sums up why I am departing on a 65 day motorcycle tour around North America bringing the message of cancer prevention! Details at

Supporting Cruelty by Eating Factory Farmed Products?

PETA's original McCruelty campaign logo

The more I study about the cruelty that goes on to feed North Americans, the more I’m determined to stay away from any animal product that comes from a factory farm. This pretty much means any animal product that is not 100% organic and grass fed, in the case of beef.

There are numerous documentaries out there (google for them) that show what goes on in the meat, dairy, chicken and pork industries that will make your heart sink and your hair curl. I can’t even watch them most of the time. But on a few occasions I have forced myself to watch. I refuse to be among those who turn a blind eye any longer, and the visuals are powerful influencers of behavior. It’s now easy to not buy those products, no matter how yummy they might taste.


Be ProACTive

Be ProACTive – It’s Your Health
Little Choices That Make a Big Difference

This is a list of the most important 18 things you can do (in my humble estimation … many thanks to the wonders of researching through google!) that we can do to mitigate our risk of getting cancer … or most other diseases for that matter!

ACT 1: Balance Your Diet – Eat Less Refined Foods & More Whole Foods

  • Reduce your intake of sugar, flour and products containing omega-6’s.
  • Increase your consumption of omega 3s and other healthy fat to about 30% of your daily intake.
  • Increase your intake of anticancer products such as turmeric, green tea, soy, broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, radishes, collard and mustard greens and some fruits.