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African Adventure With a Purpose

October 2-16th – Kenya & Zambia

Frances Tieulie, Suzanne Watts and I will be departing for Eastern Africa. We all sponsor orphaned elephants and rhinos through the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and will be visiting our babies in Kenya. We will also be doing a 5 day trek to the top of Mount Kenya. This is Africa’s 2nd highest peek after Mount Kilimanjaro, which I experienced in 2008!


ACT 2011 Launch: Jack Poole Plaza (Olympic Cauldron)

Answer for Cancer Tour 2011 Launch
June 11th, 8am
Jack Poole Plaza, Vancouver, BC

Finally 18 months of planning and preparations will come to a head. Jason Bosa, Del Ferguson and I will depart on our motorbikes for a 65 day, 20,000 mile, 48 state, 10 province endurance ride to spread the message of cancer prevention as being the ultimate cure!


ACT Party at the Canvas Lounge

Thanks to James Picard and Leanne Gillespie for hosing a great ‘Kick Start the Answer for Cancer Tour’ event on Thursday!

It was thrown on May 26th in our honor and to raise funds for this awesome endeavor. It was a big success with dozens and dozens of auction items, live band, about 300 supporters, and in general just a great time.


Answer for Cancer Tour Week 1

This is a week in the life of the Answer for Cancer Tour

Day 1 – Friday, June 10    Vancouver



8:00 am               CITY TV – ACT Team meet at City TV, on bikes in leathers

11:30 am              All riders meet at Trev Deeley  with any extra  items for RV, Review process in RV

12:00 pm              Briefing on day’s events

12:30 pm              Additional riders joining the test ride to arrive for registration, route information

1:00 pm                 Media event, Multimedia Presentation, Speeches by Lori, Jason, Del, Dr Tondora

2:00 pm                 Test ride departs front lot – photo op

4:00 pm                 VIP/Sponsor reception begins in Conference Centre, Opportunity to view exhibit

4:30 pm                 Riders arrive back at Trev Deeley, Beer/Wine/Water, Passed appetizers in Conference Room. Multimedia presentation, Speeches / Thank you’s

5:30 pm                 Program ends, event over, Team debrief after guest departures


Hunkapi Therapy Horses

If you’re living in the Phoenix area, love horses and kids and are looking to give back, this might be an opportunity for you!

Why use horses for therapy? When compared to other sports, the research showed that horseback riding was the most positive intervention for children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Autism. The positive results prompted the launching of Hunkapi which believes that interacting with horses can serve as a non-drug intervention alternative.


Answer for Cancer Tour 2011

June 11 – August 13 2011

What’s Involved:
A 20,000 mile motorcycle tour through 48 states and 10 provinces.

Mission: Raising awareness for cancer prevention, as prevention is the ultimate cure.

Whether it affects us, a family member, a colleague or friend, we are all touched by cancer.  The statistics released by the Canadian Cancer Society in May 2010 show that cancer is now the leading cause of death, accounting for about 29% of all fatalities in the country.

Kafakumba Training Centre


Childhood Longings

I’ve always had an inner longing for Africa. I’m not sure where it started, but it must have been sometime when I was a kid. I was told that when I was 3 or 4 years old, when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said with excitement and wonder, ‘I want to be a Negro!’ (This was long before any sense of political correctness had entered my awareness.) I’m not sure what the parental reaction was, but I do have a picture of me playing with a little African Barbie doll, so I guess they embraced my desire in a symbolic way.