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Adopt an Orphan Elephant or Rhino!

The newest edition to our little family of elephants is little girl Kainuk! How perfect since our Vancouver Canucks are in the Stanley Cup finals as we speak!

As described by the Trust: this orphaned elephant calf was spotted by a tribesman in the South Turkana National Reserve on 21st February 2011, at a place called “Kainuk”, the mother having died just moments before, her body still warm and her tusks still intact. There were no obvious evidence of bullet wounds so she could possibly have been a victim of drought since her calf was very emaciated, the cheekbones prominent and the cheeks sunken. The tribesman reported the presence of the dead elephant and its calf to the Head of Security and the Senior Warden of Mt. Elgon National Park who initiated the rescue of the orphaned calf and retrieved the ivory of its dead mother.

African Adventure With a Purpose

October 2-16th – Kenya & Zambia

Frances Tieulie, Suzanne Watts and I will be departing for Eastern Africa. We all sponsor orphaned elephants and rhinos through the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and will be visiting our babies in Kenya. We will also be doing a 5 day trek to the top of Mount Kenya. This is Africa’s 2nd highest peek after Mount Kilimanjaro, which I experienced in 2008!


Hunkapi Therapy Horses

If you’re living in the Phoenix area, love horses and kids and are looking to give back, this might be an opportunity for you!

Why use horses for therapy? When compared to other sports, the research showed that horseback riding was the most positive intervention for children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Autism. The positive results prompted the launching of Hunkapi which believes that interacting with horses can serve as a non-drug intervention alternative.