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African Adventure with a Purpose

On October 2nd, Frances Tieulie, Suzanne Watts and I left for Eastern Africa. Our first stop was Nairobi, Kenya where we completed a 5 day trek to the top of Mount Kenya. This is Africa’s 2nd highest peek after Mount Kilimanjaro, which I experienced in 2008! Mt Kenya was a fantastic trek, despite the torrential afternoon/evening rains, broken tents and insufficient sleeping gear. Brrr. If we were not hiking, we were scrambling to keep dry, moving camp, trying to keep warm and attempting to sleep. But at sub zero temperatures and damp gear, this was tough! It definitely brought us to our limits. But we did it. The summit was glorious. At almost 17,000 feet (4,985 meters) the air was thin and the emotions were high. Unfortunately, I have no pictures after day 1.5 as our brilliant idea of taking along a solar powered iPhone charger was only brilliant if there was sun! (Which there was in the mornings/early afternoon, but never in the late afternoon/evening when we were actually at camp.


City TV Interview the Day Before the Ride!

ACT Interview Day 1 Vancouver, BC

West Vancouver Woman Hits the Road

Motorcycle enthusiast to travel 30,000 km to raise funds and awareness for cancer prevention

A member of the Answer for Cancer Tour, Lori Losch left Vancouver June 11 and will return Aug. 13.

A member of the Answer for Cancer Tour, Lori Losch, left Vancouver June 11 & will return Aug 13.

Photograph by: Paul McGrath, NEWS photo

A West Vancouver woman is 17 days into a 65-day cross-continent motorcycle journey that will take her to 10 provinces and 48 states.

ACT on the Road

We are in the thick of our Answer for Cancer Tour. First day off in 2 weeks. Has been a grueling schedule. But have met so many people along the way who have been so refreshed by our message of prevention. Why wait for some guy in a white coat to find a ‘cure’ when they’ve made virtually no inroads since Nixon declared the ‘war on cancer’ in 1971.

Adopt an Orphan Elephant or Rhino!

The newest edition to our little family of elephants is little girl Kainuk! How perfect since our Vancouver Canucks are in the Stanley Cup finals as we speak!

As described by the Trust: this orphaned elephant calf was spotted by a tribesman in the South Turkana National Reserve on 21st February 2011, at a place called “Kainuk”, the mother having died just moments before, her body still warm and her tusks still intact. There were no obvious evidence of bullet wounds so she could possibly have been a victim of drought since her calf was very emaciated, the cheekbones prominent and the cheeks sunken. The tribesman reported the presence of the dead elephant and its calf to the Head of Security and the Senior Warden of Mt. Elgon National Park who initiated the rescue of the orphaned calf and retrieved the ivory of its dead mother.

Vancouver Sun Article

This was a fun little interview with a great man! Thanks Malcolm. Awesome to hang out!


ACT Media Event Coast Restaurant Vancouver

Here’s a clip on what we are up to this summer. And why we are doing it!

ACT Documentary Trailer

Please take the time to check out the documentary trailer for the Answer for Cancer Tour and while you’re there you will have the opportunity to donate and help change peoples lives for the better.

We Can BE the Cure

This short video pretty much sums up why I am departing on a 65 day motorcycle tour around North America bringing the message of cancer prevention! Details at