ACT on the Road

We are in the thick of our Answer for Cancer Tour. First day off in 2 weeks. Has been a grueling schedule. But have met so many people along the way who have been so refreshed by our message of prevention. Why wait for some guy in a white coat to find a ‘cure’ when they’ve made virtually no inroads since Nixon declared the ‘war on cancer’ in 1971.

We have been riding our motor bikes all over western US for the last 2 weeks and have 7 weeks to go. We have been hosting events as we go sharing this message. Also simply touching individuals as we stop for gas, lunches, bikes repairs, etc. It’s a grass roots movement we are hoping spreads like wild fire!

We’ve also been invited to speak on radio and TV stations and have articles written about ACT across both Canada and the US, so we trust our message is really getting out there.

If you can donate to the cause, our beneficiaries will be so grateful. Both the Breast Cancer Fund and Prevent Cancer Now are phenomenal organizations.


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