Before moving to Phoenix in 2011, I was a multiple award-winning realtor in my hometown of Vancouver, B.C. Since I could hardly find my way around Phoenix as a newbie, I left real estate behind and discovered the creative joy of mobile phone app development, children’s book publishing, non-fiction writing, workshop creation/presentation, addiction recovery coaching, and psychedelic medicine prep and integration coaching. These last two endeavors have truly captured my heart and attention and are what keep me busy today. I am honored to work with clients from around the world seeking to release that which no longer serves them and to help them create lives they love living.

For recreation and play, I love movement, adventure, and travel. Summiting exotic mountains with girlfriends or backpacking solo through foreign countries are all challenging, but soul nurturing experiences that make my heart smile. A little closer to home, exploring North America on my sportbike has provided so much pleasure. Zoom zoom! Horseback riding, mountain biking, yoga, skiing, and geeking out on random factoids are also high on my favorite-things-to-do list.

I’m excited about the next half of life and endeavor to create an epic journey of spiritual, emotional, entrepreneurial, and physical discovery as I help others do the same.

Life is good and thanks for the visit.